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Environmental policies

Short Run Press places a great emphasis on the environment and the impact it has on it. Whether it be the sourcing of materials from suppliers also based in the Westcountry to using Vegetable based inks on press we consider the impact and try to do the right thing. Working with our paper merchants we have the opportunity now to produce your books with a Carbon Neutral Footprint.


Recycling is also an important part of Short Run Press. We recycle all of our waste paper which is separated to either clean white waste or printed paper waste. We have contracts in place for safe collection and disposal of waste chemicals. The volume of waste has been reduced significantly through continual investment in increasingly efficient and environmentally focused machinery. In more recent times the company has worked with the Soil Association Certification and the BPIF to become certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). The FSC Label guarantees that the paper comes from well managed forests and other controlled sources.

From the forester to consumer, we all have a responsibility to protect and sustain the natural environment.

Our organization is FSC certified. Use of our FSC logo in your book carries our license number which ensures the integrity and traceability of the paper used. This not only enables us to demonstrate our desire to use paper products sourced from like minded companies and continue the Chain of Custody it enables any customer to place the FSC logo on their product, should they use certified stocks.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation “ an association of members from environmental and social groups, the timber trade and the forestry profession, community forestry groups and other organisations from around the world.

Half of the world’s commercial timber is needed to make paper products but as timber certification in the UK moves into the mainstream, participation in the FSC Chain of Custody scheme enables consumers to obtain FSC certified, labelled products. The FSC stamp provides assurance that by buying timber based products, consumers promote responsible forest management and responsible use of forest resources.

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