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What our customers say about us

A selection of feedback from just some of our valued clients . . .

A thousand thanks for getting the book to us in good time. It’s a splendid production. Hope you’re as proud of it as we are! The launch has hit the Tiverton Gazette, and we expect to be featured in the Devonshire Magazine also. Rivers and I are very grateful, and look forward to working with you again. Local Media Coverage


Siobhan Carew - October 2018


Thanks very much for going the extra mile with 'Down In Demerara'. The cover treatments have worked really well and the print and finishing quality throughout is excellent.  

RJ - Tangent Books - September 2018


I received my book today which looks great. The quality of the production, materials and colour is really good. Even with the last minute changes I made the whole process, on your part, has been carried out timely and with the utmost professionalism . . . Simon, thank you in dealing with the content and layout changes I made. 

DK - 'Grand Climateric of a Barfly' - August 2018


Like you I received a copy of the Band History through the post today. I wholly agree with your assessment on the job done by Short Run Press. They have indeed done justice to our combined endeavours. If possible please convey my thanks to the team at Short Run for their professionalism. The book is of such a high standard, scale and quality that I wouldn't have been surprised if the Coldstream Band hadn't charged double what they are asking for it!

John Gleeson - Author 'Pomp & Circumstance, The Band of the Coldstream Guards' - March 2018


I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for printing Derek Sprake's book, An Isle of Wight Raconteur. The printing quality is perfect, as was the customer service and turnaround time and delivery arrangements! We have had a very positive response so far for the book, not only the content but for the look, feel and quality. I look forward to sending you further publications in the future.


SD - Coco Design Co - March 2018


I was brought a copy of the Shipwreck Book yesterday and I was very impressed with it. The pics all came out well and the binding is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Short Run Press to anyone.


CO - Book Designer - February 2018


The deliveries today went perfectly, with a helpful driver at the Wolverhampton end. The author is delighted with his book, so I am happy too! Thank you very much for all your help with this order. Without your close attention and patience with my many questions, it could have gone badly awry. Would you please also pass on my thanks and esteem for the wonderful job that your despatch team made of packing the books. It was a most professional job, and much appreciated.


TB - Bannister Publications Ltd - January 2018


You have no idea how joyful I am to have PNR 239 so wonderfully on time-ly. I think you are a hero. We look forward to a good new year and many further happy projects together! Thank you and your wonderful team for all you do and all you absorb. Very best for 2018, and for Christmas and all.


Michael Schmidt OBE FRSL - PN Review - December 2017


Thank you so much for the tour of the works. It really made a difference to know how the production line works. I was fascinated by the huge variety of books you have printed in the past - I could have browsed for hours! Please pass my thanks to all those I met, both for my visit and for the work they put in. About two dozen are now in circulation, and all the initial compliments are on the look of the book, the red and the gold, and on the feel of it. I will let you know later about a Russian language version, to meet that market!


OH - Historical Publisher - December 2017 


We are very pleased with the quality and professionalism you have shown and look forward to working with you on print and re-print runs in the future.


AM - High Quality Childrens Publisher – November 2017


I picked up the books last week and am really pleased with how it turned out. It feels great and looks just right, so thank you for your skilled input.


Charles Montgomery – November 2107


The Book was very well received at the book signing. Lots of people asked who had printed it and we directed them to you. Thank you very much for all your hard work, we are really pleased with it.


Alice Bird – Lifeforce - November 2017


The books arrived safely yesterday (I was out all day) and look very nice indeed. Could you please pass on my thanks to all at Short Run Press for all you have done this year. I am especially aware that you had a struggle to deliver these last two books on time and am really grateful that you did. The next book will be sent to you sometime towards the end of January.


CH - GGB – November 2017


The team at Short Run Press is a delight to work with - first class quality, enjoyable company and attentive service. During 49 years book publishing and writing, I have bought print and worked with printers from all over the world but rarely met the efficiencies and quiet understanding that is the deal here.


Piers Dudgeon - Pilot Productions - November, 2017


We have just been reviewed on Radio BBC London by Robert Elms who has said that it is a beautifully printed book!


CB - London Art Publisher - November 2017



We have just taken delivery this morning and we are absolutely delighted with the books you have produced for us and want to thank you all for the quality, service and attention you have given us. The author is as pleased as I am! The morning delivery as arranged by you Debbie happened around 10am - just perfect. We shall speak highly of SRP at every opportunity.


Chalkface Press - Australia - October 2017


Just to confirm the copies of the Anne Boleyn Music Book have arrived at the RCM.  They look fantastic, everyone who has seen copies from our Director down is really impressed with them.  The print quality is incredibly clear and true, and both binding types are superb.  Thanks for getting them to us so quickly (especially the special binding).


PL - Royal College of Music - September 2017


Thanks for the good job on our last publication, P413. As you already know, the publications arrived in-time for the seminar, which was crucial so thank you again for managing that.


JLD - SCI - September 2017


Let me say, how impressed I have been with your service all round. I think it was about 5 weeks between my first phone call and receiving the books, so I couldn't ask for better than that. Also, the actual printing of the book has been of a significantly higher standard than I have had elsewhere - from the cover, to the stitching, to the paper quality to the actual printing - well done all round, guys.


LB - Historic Car Publisher- September 2017


The book arrived and looks fantastic, thank you.


Historic England - September 2017


The book looks fantastic, thank you for doing such a great job.


RH - The Last Blacksmith - August 2017


Books arrived - beautifully timed thank you. Quality is spot-on and your service was excellent. I will be tweeting etc about you tomorrow. Thank you all - we are so pleased to have a local supplier [in the UK - ed].


CB - Notting Hill Editions – August 2017



Just a short note to thank you and your colleagues for producing such a fabulous book for me. Everyone is saying nice things about it, and most are pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality of it.


DM - Exeter's Royal Clarence Hotel - July 2017



Stock safely delivered early this morning.  A superb piece of work executed in record time.  Please pass my congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in producing the book at SRP, including your packers & despatchers who rendered the load 
​rain-proof. Delivered here in the rain but unloaded without detriment!


DH - Fontaine Notre Dame – May 2017


I just wanted to thank you and your team for the great print job. It looks and feels fantastic and everyone is very complimentary. The launch went very well – so thanks for getting it to us on time.


RH - Hawker Publications – November 2016


Can I congratulate Short Run Press for the service I have received and the high quality of the books. I will be back next year.


JH - Self Published Author – October 2016


Just to advise the books have reached the UN in New York. The Chief of Staff Office of the UN Special Envoy for Global Production said “they look beautiful”, so I thought I had to share the praise with you. All delivered on time and well received, so many thanks to you both and everyone involved.


AJ - Topics Creative Partnership – September 2016


I have been through the book with the author – we are both delighted by the quality of production. Many thanks again for a superb job.


DD - Dawson Heritage – April 2016


I would like to thank you for the great service from Short Run Press and the way you dealt with my fifth novel. Please pass on my thanks to your team and I look forward to coming back to you with further novels.


GS - Tabitha Books


I'd like to thank all of you for all the work that you've done during the time I've been here. In a small company, being an editor involves a far wider responsibility for the whole production of a book than it does in bigger companies, and I had a lot of catching up to do at the beginning (still do, actually). It has made a huge difference to know that I've been able to rely on such a great team who were always on hand with explanations and advice, who would patiently correct mistakes, who could pull off ridiculously short deadlines without compromising quality, and who never seemed to be panicked by anything! (I don't think I'll ever forget the delivery that Debbie organised to a poetry reading in the Lake District at a few hours notice, getting the driver to the venue just minutes before the poet was due to start reading.)


JW - Managing Editor


There must be some reason for Carcanet having printed almost all of its books and magazines with Short Run Press for over 20 years. Could it be price? Could it be quality? Could it be dependability? Perhaps a combination of all three and the fact that SRP is always willing to go the extra mile.


MS - Carcanet Press


We greatly value the close relationship we have developed with Short Run Press over the last 14 years and look forward to working with you on future projects.


AH - University of Exeter Press


Your new press is certainly doing a good job, but I am sure there is another great ingredient. Watching your guys moving round the factory completing one task after another, and then moving with the job to the next machine was most impressive and memorable, and I guess that is a part of the secret to your good work.


DB - Oxbow Books


I just wanted to pass on huge thanks from Debbie and myself for the superb job you did on the book. It looks superb and the printing has managed to capture the vibrant colours even better than we had hoped.


BM - McCreadie Publishing


SRP have been really good to work with - approachable, personable and always helpful - and at times have gone above and beyond to get things done for us.


JB - Taylor and Francis


Just a line to say that the printing of the report is superb, the cover works a treat, thanks for the suggestion. It's quite the most polished piece of print for its annual report the Society has managed in its 65 years.


TD - Design Agency Owner


Please thank everyone concerned for their hard work on producing The Devon Historian 2015. I have had quite a few positive comments already, several have said that its a 'classy' looking journal and very well produced. I'm grateful to Paul for being so patient during the typesetting process, he takes a lot of trouble to get things right. Also, it was good to get the journals out before the AGM this year, which is at Exeter University on Saturday.


JB - Devon Historian


I think the job has come out very well. I am so pleased you were able to source the correct grain paper. What a difference that makes to the feel of the book in the hand.


RD - Designer for Museum Exhibition Catalogues

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